Canada-Europe Research Collaboration

Revisit and view the non-live content from the virtual kiosks at the event.

Recordings of the discussions are also available below.

Virtual Kiosks

Dalhousie University logo
Local Advantage. Regional Leadership. Global Impact.
TuDelft logo
Impact for a better society
European Union logo
‘Destination Europe: Your Research and Innovation Opportunities’
European University for Brain and Technology logo
Educate, innovate, impact together.
Helmholtz logo
Research for grand challenges
Ku Leuven logo
Inspiring the Outstanding.
Max Planck Society logo
Knowledge can light up the world.
McGill logo
McGill University Climate & Health Booth
McMaster University logo
Global Nexus for Pandemics and Biological Threats
Quebec logo
Direction of Canadian and International Innovation Partnerships
Canada logo
Government of Canada
Simon Fraser university logo
Addressing Environmental Concerns and Creating a Sustainable Future
Sorbonne University logo
Sorbonne University: An Engine for Research
University of British Columbia logo
Transitioning Towards Green & Low Carbon Energy
University of Bologna logo
Innovating the future, since 1088
University of Montreal logo
Université de Montréal
University of Laval logo
Dare, Inspire, Achieve: Building the Future Together
University of Helsinki logo
With the Power of Thought – for the World
University of Manitoba logo
Research. Innovation. Discovery.
University of Saskatchewan logo
The University the World Needs
University of Waterloo logo
Beyond Ideas